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Whether you are an experienced or novice diver, surfer, or swimmer, anyone can join our workshops at the SharkSchool®! Your outlook on sharks will never be the same. Not only will you view sharks in a different light, the way you will feel, perceive, and interact with them more importantly will change.

Sharks, like no other creature on earth, simultaneously synthesize both angst and fascination. This so-called “angstzination” lingers in all of us where anxiety meets the challenge. Conquer it, and you feel bliss. Angstzination is more often than not also present when dealing with sharks. Not knowing what happens when facing one, or how to act or react in a specific situation, will likely instill fear. But once one comprehends their body language, understands their behavior, and all the different factors involved in an encounter, fascination takes over. It is neither a surprise, nor is it by chance that more and more people consider sharks to be their favorite animals.

© Andreas Michael Serec
Take fear away from sharks
© Andreas Michael Serec
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